Practise What you Preach: Do not worry!

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We considered Matthew 6:25-35 on Sunday. The image is my notes. If you look at the number four then work down the column we thought of four tips as an antidote to worry.

We defined worry as concern plus anxiety and mental distress based on an anticipated future.

The ear stands for ‘Listen’ I encouraged us to listen to ourselves and God before jumping to negative conclusions.

The image below the ear is a stereo to represent the noise we often subject ourselves to block out the inner noise. I urged us to stop and be still and hear out our fears. Then to tune into God’s still small voice.

The jar beneath the stereo stands for the word ‘Ownership’ it’s key that after listening we take the responsibility we can within the situation to not look to anyone else to wave a magic wand.
What can we do? What part can we play? We at times must also own up when we have contributed to the challenge we face.

Following the bottom line of squares we see a person speaking this is tip four which is to give
‘Voice’ to your worries. After listening and taking ownership we have to voice our concerns.

It’s likely we over analyse in our minds and to speak out loud helps to objectify the issue and provides a helpful alternate perspective.

You can then make out a Gym horse. With lots of x’s around it. They represent not peer pressure but peer power. That is the final tip is ‘Engage’ get involved. L O V E

We finally considered 1 John 4:18 which says:

There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.

We personified fear and love demonstrating how fear blocks our view of God/Love but when we seek Love/God fear is given the boot. Fear hangs around and God/Love doesn’t force us to stay whereas fears grip is fierce. Nonetheless we have power and choice to escape fears hold.

Imagine a tag team wrestling match where the team member is in some horrible grip a signal to his team mate triggers a whole change of fortune and he is rescued.

Now we didn’t minimise the things we worried about but we were encouraged to L O V E before
allowing worry to cripple us.

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