The Actress and the Bishop

I recently have been involved in a community play. I met an actress who found it fun to be working alongside a Priest. Her friend shouted ‘it’s like the Actress and the Bishop jokes!’
This got me thinking: what if she one day became a Bishop? And these few lines reflect my thought journey I hope you enjoy it…..

The Actress The Bishop

The actress and the bishop.
The actress is the bishop.

Commanding a large stage
Ancient wisdom,modern sage.

Bread and wine,
She’s on the cover of Time.

Woman of the year.
God incarnate now revered.

The performing Priest,
Entertaining the lost and least.

She has ‘come to Jesus’ eyes
God through her thinly disguised.

Will we accept the new paradigm?
Daughter of God prepare,and learn your lines.

by Rev. Azariah France Williams