Launch of Arthur’s Ambassadors


On Tuesday 4th February Arthur’s Ambassadors was launched at St Francis Church with a candlelit dinner, entertainment and a chance for guests to hear how they can get involved in the mission and ministry of the church in the community.

Arthur Dalgarno Robinson was a nineteenth century philanthropist who worked in North Kensington for forty years to help meet the practical and spiritual needs of the community. Arthur founded a ‘ragged’ school, St Clements and St Helens churches, and a number of businesses to help turn the area around.

Arthur’s Ambassadors is named after him and is our way of continuing his legacy – by inviting people to support the good work that St Francis church is doing on the Dalgarno Estates and surrounding area.

The launch evening was hosted by local resident 18 year old Jamie and was jam-packed full of creativity: the St Francis choir performed one of RevAzariah’s songs on the theme of ‘Justice’, portraits of congregation members were displayed drawn by a local artist, poems were read out written by folks from the estate and even playdough models were made at the dinner table.

Rev Azariah France-Williams communicated the vision of Arthur’s Ambassadors and the Rev Tim Humphrey from St Barnabus Kensington, representatives from the Dalgarno Trust and the Bishop of Kensington also spoke.

If you would like to know how to become an ‘Arthur’s Ambassador’ by giving time, money or expertise to the work of St Francis Church then please email

The Bishop of Kensington commends Arthur's Ambassadors

The Bishop of Kensington commends Arthur’s Ambassadors

Local resident Pamela reads a poem

Local resident Pamela reads a poem

Local resident 18 year old Jamie hosts the evening

Local resident 18 year old Jamie hosts the evening

Rev Azariah

Rev Azariah launches Arthur’s Ambassadors