Baptisms at St Francis

It’s been a busy season of baptisms at St Francis Church. In December James was baptised and we enjoyed celebrating with his friends and family with a delicious lunch after the service. One of the highlights was the paper fish we wrote on with a prayer for James which we then put into hugh fishing nets based on the story from the Bible about Jesus making fishers of men.

In January Joey and Rafael were baptised. Joey gave a great testimony speaking of the difference that being a friend of Jesus has made in his life. Rafael, at 8 months old, did a great job of taking it all in his stride as he was dunked into the water. Friends and family wrote prayers of blessing on balls which were then collected up into special bags following a ‘blessing ball’ exchange.

We are delighted to have these wonderful boys included in our church family at St Francis and pray that they may continue to grow in their friendship with Jesus.