STARS After-School Group (3-11s)

‘You are a star, just the way you are’

Stars Poster

St Francis Church runs a free, after-school group called STARS (‘STraight After School’) aimed at pre-school and primary aged children (3-11s) and their parents and carers in the Dalgarno nieghbourhood. The group runs on Mondays from 3.45-5pm at St Francis Church and is a place where children and their parents and carers can spend quality time together playing, being creative, making friends and hearing Bible stories. Each session includes toast, cake, craft, stories and songs.

Everyone who comes to STARS is a Star. Each person has something unique to bring and is invited to be part of God’s great story.

Come and join in the fun or contact Jean at for more details.

“Shine like stars” (Philippians 2:15)