Meet the team

Rev. Sean Doherty – Minister

Sean is the minister here at St Francis. He co-ordinates Deep and Wide, a monthly  discipleship session at St Francis aimed at helping people go deeper into God and wider into life. He became a Christian at Soul Survivor, and before ordination he worked for Barclays Bank and USPG, an Anglican mission agency. He likes detective fiction, curry and visiting National Trust properties. Gaby, his wife, is an evangelist who is passionate about Jesus and making him known. Gaby has worked or volunteered in church children’s ministry for over 15 years and brings the same passion and experience to St Francis.  She enjoys good food, good friends, and spending time with her family. Together, Gaby and Sean have four children.


Jean Elliott – Family and Children’s MinisterDSC_0257

Jean is the Family and Children’s Minister at St Francis. She loves  spending time with the many children and families who are part of the church and wider community. At Minibeats, our toddler group, she’s the one covered in paint or gloop or trying out a new recipe for playdough as she loves anything creative! Jean also seems to love any activity connected with food. In the first six months of her role, the children made bread, iced biscuits, tossed pancakes, mixed fruit cocktail drinks, designed vegetable animals and decorated biscuits. Happily, food features a lot in the Bible too, and that’s another thing Jean is passionate about ~ sharing God’s Story and how we can all be part of it. She enjoys writing stories as well as telling them; exploring London and walking in urban and rural settings, and especially by the sea.



Katie Betteridge – Communications and Finance Officer

Katie does a few things here at St Francis. She loves all things design, which has led to her managing our website and making things look pretty! She also looks after our the finances and bookkeeping, and is our fundraising officer! You’ll probably see her pottering around St Francis during the week drinking coffee and posting on our church Facebook page!


Cathy Pitts – Church Administrator 10551125_1378664679110288_1411752896880840389_n

Cathy is an organisational wiz! She sorts out our building bookings, receives and responds to our emails, answers the telephone, and does pretty much everything admin related. If you’d like to book out St Francis for a party or event, Cathy is the woman you’re looking for!



Caroline Bowman – Safeguarding Officer

Caroline is very important here at St Francis. She keeps us all up to date with safeguarding information, training and news, and makes sure our polices and legalities are correct. She is very knowledgable and has a high level of safeguarding training!


Tiffany Jackson – Open Doors Friendship1962786_539366175459_1792411940_n

Tiffany runs the Open Door Friendship Centre that meet at St Francis during the week. Open Door Friendship Centre aims to ‘be a community of disciples who partner with the local church in the Ladbroke Grove area so that Arab and North African families have the chance to encounter the love of God through community programs.’ They do amazing work and we love having Tiffany around! She is passionate about helping others and volunteers for our family and children’s ministry during the week. She’s very friendly and has a cool American accent, so do say hello to her!



Geoff Berry – Parish Evangelist

As part of the team sent from St Helens to St Francis, Geoff and Marilyn led the church during the interregnum. Their wealth of wisdom and experience are a super resource to the many things that St Francis is working toward.Marilyn coordinates the pastoral team. Together they are, and have been, a great anchor for the ministry in St Francis.


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